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Residence in Ekali

location Ekali, Attica, Greece
type Residential
year 2023
Status pending
size 600sqm
A dated residential building in Ekali area, Athens was to be 
The building was to be extended  by creating new spaces and transformed 
to a contemporary home,
also taking into consideration all necessary contemporary 

The surrounding area ought to be reconsidered adding a swimming pool and 
lounge area, while correcting architecture faults of the past such as a 
main entrance which was not visible from the main gate.

 The challenge of the project was to create something contemporary but 
timeless from
a building which combined elements of different architectural style, 
some modern, some country, and some neoclassical.

 All decorative features were eliminated to leave a simpler, cleaner and 
more elegant style.
All openings were reconsidered to make the interior airy and bright.
A sense of luxury was achieved in interior spaces with the use of timber 
paneling on the walls and  custom made construction details.
The colour palette was kept to a minimum and timeless ” black and white 

The result of the study was a brand new look serving all the clients’